accent reduction

Intensive Accent Reduction Training

We provide accent improvement tutoring for any level of foreign or regional accent.  Some of our clients merely want to improve their accent so that they are better understood; others want to completely “eliminate” their native accents.  We can work with you to achieve the level of accent reduction that you desire.

Our trainers use a variety of techniques to help you achieve your goals.  All of our trainers are speech-language pathologists certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and by Arthur Compton in Pronouncing English as a Second Language.

All training materials are included.  Students are expected to practice their newly learned skills on a daily basis.

We offer a complimentary 45-minute evaluation in which we will assess the level of your accent and determine what your needs are, including an estimate of the number of sessions required to achieve your goals.  The length of the program will depend on the current level of your accent, what you hope to achieve, and how much you time are able to put into practicing.

Training sessions are 50 minutes and are generally held once or twice weekly, at your convenience.

The cost per session is $170.  We offer a 10% discount for 10 sessions purchased in advance.